Tourist attractions

  • The old city town and a castle with museum
  • Galleries: Sokolski dom, Ivan Grohar Gallery, France Mihelič Gallery, Castle Gallery
  • The Capuchin bridge, The Capuchin monastery, The Capuchin library
  • Puštal, Stara Loka
  • Pilgrim church in Crngrob
  • Tavčar Manor in Visoko, Poljanska valley

introductory video of Škofja Loka (


  • Historical festival Historial
  • The Škofja Loka passion play
  • Colourful Loka festival
  • O’Musical Loka
  • Events and concerts in Sokolski dom

Sport activities

  • For the hiking-lovers there are various difficulty routes to Lubnik, Križna gora, Ratitovec, Blegoš…
  • For the ski-lovers there are many ski slopes available in the vicinity of Škofja Loka: Stari vrh, Črni vrh, Soriška planina, Krvavec… They are only 20 minutes away from the city center.
  • On your enquiry we can provide a ski-boarding instructor.
  • Tourist Information Centre offers renting bicycles, so you can explore the Sorško Field or hills around Škofja Loka and experience some of the most beautiful views.
  • In our hotel fishing enthusiasts can buy day fishing permits from Fishing family Škofja Loka. Available for the Sora river, Selška Sora river and Poljanska Sora river.
  • In the summer you can freshen up in the rivers and river pools, yet in colder months you can buy tickets for the swimming pool in Železniki (15 km).
  • To stay in shape even when you are visiting us in Škofja Loka, you can join a functional training or take part in personal training in sports centre.


At the turn of the 20th century Škofja Loka was a home for many Slovenian impressionist painters, such as Grohar, Jakopič and Jama, therefore the city is also called Slovenian Barbizon.

  • Picturesque streets, castle, riversides and intact nature still attracts painters and photographs, searching for remarkable motifs.
  • In the vicinity of Škofja Loka, there are many attractive locations, visited by photographers from all around the world: Jamnik and St. Thomas…
  • We can arrange a felting workshop in Škofja Loka, with the craftsman and the master of felting Anja Musek.